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PT. Rafindo Tigasakti
PT. Rafindo Tigasakti
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Name:Mr. Andiono [Marketing]
Phone Number:+62 21 2903-4262
Fax Number:+62 21 2903-4267
Address:Central Park Office Tower (APL Tower) lt.6 suite 3. Jl Letjen S Parman Kav.28
Jakarta 11470, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jan. 22, 2008
Last Updated:Dec. 18, 2014
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Electronics & Electrical category

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Company Brief

Authorized distributor for Furse Lightning Protection System, we provide consultancy, design and turn key installation for your Total solution in Lightning Protection based on Nasional and international standard -SNI 03-7015-2004, IEC 62305, BS 6651, NFPA 780.

And We also can provide All Product T & B, Like Elastimold, Homac, DTS for Hazardous Lamp , Emergi-Lite and etc. And We have another product like Adaptaflex Flexible Conduit - UK, Ventilation Fan & Hand/ Hair Dryer from Vortice, EURO-DIESEL Dynamic Rotary UPS 200kVA-2500kVA, Waterleakage Detector, Sensaphone.

Major Products / Services
  • Furse
    Lightning Protection System
    Penangkal petir
    proteksi petir
  • Vortice
    Hand Dryer
    Hair Dryer
  • Adaptaflex
    Fleksible Conduit Nylon
    Fleksible Conduit Stainless Steel
  • LED Special Lighting
    LED Decorative Indoor
    LED Architectural for Building
    LED T8
    LED Bulb
    LED Strip
    LED Street Light/ Lampu Jalan

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